SPB200-800DZT/LZT/DFT/LFT Block Moulding Machine(Adjustable)
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SPB200-800DZT/LZT/DFT/LFT Block Moulding Machine(Adjustable)


SPB200-800DZT/LZT/DFT/LFT Block Moulding Machine(Adjustable)

Product Description

Product Description

The SPB200-800DZT/LZT/DFT/LFT block moulding machine (Adjustable) is easy to operate and has high efficiency, the block moulding machine can save investment on labor and produce high-quality products.

Main Features 

1.The main frame of the automatic moulding machine with vacuum adopts H steel welding and time effect process. It is sturdy and durable. 

2.The block moulding machine (Adjustable) is based on the DZ/DF and LZ/LF. The block mold size of the block moulding machine can also be adjusted. Both in length or width by rotation code to control screw cylinder. By setting the block mold size using the touch screen, the machine will adjust the mould size automatically. Digital mode of operation make the operation of thermocol moulding machine more handy.

3. With variable size adjustable, keep less block edges. The EPS styrofoam block moulding machine can be adjusted according to your needs.

4. As per customer’s requirement, the special program for mixing recycle material is available, the block size can be adjusted(0-50mm) ; This feature greatly improves the mixing ratio of the recycle material.

5. The computer fault automatic self-diagnosing system is attached to the EPS automatic shape moulding machine to serve an alarm reporting function and thus facilitate the elimination of any faults.



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