SPC200-800C Block Cutting Machine (Typical) C
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SPC200-800C Block Cutting Machine (Typical) C

  • SPC200-800C

SPC200-800C Block Cutting Machine(Typical) C

Product Description

Product Description

The SPC200-800C block cutting machine (Typical) C is a typical machine, it is economic and practical. The EPS styrofoam cutting machine can meet you basic cutting requirements. If you need a simple cutting machine, the block cutting machine (Typical) C will be a good choice for you.

Main Features

1. The EPS styrofoam cutting machine has all advantages including the features of A type cutting machine, such as the strong frame, big transformer and frequency control for the motor speed.

2. A type machine’s width cutting is done manually. With single-wire. While C type styrofoam block cutting machine adopts frequency control of motor speed and voltage adjustment device, for multi-wire cutting and speed control.

3. We can make the EPS thermocol cutting machine according the customer’s requirement.




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