EPS moulding machine with quick die change for EPS packaging
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EPS moulding machine with quick die change for EPS packaging

  • SPZ1070-1870FHS


EPS moulding machine with quick die change for EPS packaging

Product Description

The EPS moulding machine for EPS packaging is a new type product, which integrates high efficiency and low consumption process. The EPS moulding machine is equipped with a insulated steam chamber and a quick mold changeover structure, as well as prearrangement for manipulator.

Main Features:

Mechanical Structure and Pipeline System

A,The steam chamber of polystyrene molding machine has a heat insulation die cavity system, and an inner heat insulation system made from new macromolecular thermal insulation material is arranged inside the die cavity, which can reduce heat loss of die cavity in the heating process and repeated heat wastes caused by rapid temperature drop in the demoulding process, therefore steam consumption can be saved by 30%. 

B,SPZ1670FHS EPS moulding equipment and SPZ1470FHS types are configured vertically with double barrels, and SPZ1270FHS shape molding machine is configured vertically with single barrel, each barrel is provided with 18 discharge holes, and the dimension of connector is DN25. Through a rotary level switch, the equipment has alarm and halt function if lack of materials, and also realizes the functions of pressure feed, vacuum feed and batch feed.

C,The quick couplings of the EPS foam machine material gun are quickly inserted, made from stainless steel. Three quick couplings are configured for totally matching with discharge holes of the barrel (namely three ways of compressed air for opening the gun, closing the gun, and feeding), which enables the quick couplings to be connected into the material gun conveniently.

D, The templates of EPS foam machine are made from high-strength steel plates, which are chamfered and welded by gas shielding welding process, and are treated by high temperature annealing after welded.

E, With diameter of Φ100mm*4, the guide rods of the EPS molding machine are made from 45# steel by high-frequency quenching, with thickness of hard chromium layer at 0.04-0.06mm.

Hydraulic System

A digital encoder is used to control the stroke distance of mold opening and clamping, which is stable in speed conversion without pause and impact, realizes the safety protection function of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical triple interlocking, to make the EPS moulding machine meets the safety standard.  

Steam Heating System

A, It is provided with a long-range control steam reducing valve for stabilizing flow, with control accuracy at ±0.2bar.

B, FY patented pilot-operated proportional control steam valve and balance valve are adopted to control pulse heating of main steam valve, the heating process is stable, and realizes low pressure big flow heating process in a real sense, so the steam consumption is lower.

C, Electro-pneumatic proportional valve imported is conducive to control steam inlet pressure, ejection pressure, feed pressure and compression pressure of the barrel by adjusting pressure of compressed air, setting by touch screen.

D. Pressure sensor of styrofoam moulding machine can achieve cavity pressure feedback, which is accurate.

E, The single EPS automatic shape moulding machine is provided with an efficient energy recycling system to assist the central vacuum system, which can greatly increase the vacuum efficiency, as the power consumption of vacuum is reduced over 50%, and vacuum cooling period is shorted greatly. Because the moisture content of products is not larger than 7%, the high temperature demoulding is achievable (with cavity temperature at 75°C). 

Electrical Control System

A, Electrical control system is equipped with premium brand PLC, realize real-time monitoring for operating status of the styrofoam moulding equipment, and have several fault alarm and running protection functions.  

B, To use automatic protection and alarm systems such as numeric parameter display, fault detection, false alarm for position data, multi-mode running lights, detection and protection of motor running status can monitor each action of parts in production. It is available for upgrading of network management, networking with office computer for convenient management.

C, It only needs a stop period about half an hour to change molds quickly, which greatly improves the capacity of shape molding equipment, and eliminates potential safety hazards in installation of mold accessories inside the conventional machines.


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