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  • EPP Material Introduction

    EPP Material IntroductionExpanded Polypropylene Material is a highly crystalline polymer/gas composite with excellent performance. With the progress of production technology, according to different uses, different methods can be used to obtain different density and pore size of EPP materials

  • Applications of the EPS lost foam casting (LFC)

    Lost foam casting (LFC) is a new technology with precise forming, no need mould ,no parting line on the surface, no sand hole, no edge, less tolerance and less manufacturing step. Comparing the traditional casting technology, LFC has many advantages. The LFC applied widely especially in the auto and

  • How To Save Cost For EPS Moulding Machine Packaging Factory

    How To Save Cost For The EPS Moulding Machine Packaging Factory 1.Cooling water system of EPS moulding machine packaging factorySeparate the cooling water for mould with the water for vacuum. Using a high efficient vacuum system, the machine should mainly rely on vacuum cooling while considering wa

  • EPS Application- Decoration And Coating

    EPS decoration /coating is mainly used in door pocket, window pokect, corners line, blet line and portico parts of villa, Hotel and business street building. It was updated from traditional GRC component epoch-making product. In 80s , started and widely used in Europe and Amercia markets. Normally,

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