Fangyuan Basic Type A Series EPS Foam Block Cutting Machine
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Fangyuan Basic Type A Series EPS Foam Block Cutting Machine

  • SPC200-800A

Fangyuan Basic Type A Series  EPS Foam Block Cutting Machine

Product Description

Production Description

The SPC200-800A block cutting machine (Basic) A is sturdy and durable. The cutting accuracy of block cutting machine is extremely high, its operation method is also simple.

Main Features

The main frame of the styrofoam block cutting machine is welded from square profile steel, with strong structure, ensuring high strength and no deformation. High-quality frame lengthen the service life of the styrofoam block cutting machine.

The machine can make both thickness and length cutting on the same EPS block cutting machine. The width cutting will be done by manual operation.

The polystyrene block cutting machine adopts converter speed governing advantageous in stable moving, large range(0-4m/min) of step-less speed governing, suitable for requirements of low- speed cutting and fast cutter-retract.

Voltage adjustment: adopts 10KVA multi-tapped special transformer for adjustment with wide adjustable range and multiple voltages. Which can safely guarantee the normal operation of the polystyrene block cutting machine.

EPS cutting machine

EPS cutting machine

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