Fangyuan automatic vacuum expandable polystyrene eps shape moulding packing machine
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Fangyuan automatic vacuum expandable polystyrene eps shape moulding packing machine

  • SPZ100-200E

Fangyuan automatic vacuum expandable polystyrene eps shape moulding packing machine

Product Description

Product Description

Main Features

Unique machine structure:

a. High-strength frame: The further enhanced back frame and moving frame, the whole polystyrene machine adopts the body and foot, and makes the frame and machine feet integrated, This greatly increases the frames strength and sturdiness of the polystyrene machine.

b. The polystyrene machine are treated with zinc spraying after the manufacturing works which improves load life of the expandable polystyrene packing machine.

c. The expandable polystyrene packing machine with vacuum adopts opposite directions type tie bar for easy maintenance and wear resistance. The self-lubricating copper tube solves original tie bar bushing’s problem and improves the lubrication effectiveness of the polystyrene machine.

d. The preventing plate and back mould plate of the polystyrene machine with vacuum are all stainless steel, which reduces the wear and rust of the mold precision.

Hydraulic Pressure System:(save 6S/cycle):

a. Compared to the T and A type machine, our new E type expandable polystyrene packing machine with hydraulic system achieves faster operation for 250mm/speed from 180mm/second. The automatic polystyrene machine with vacuum can effectively improve production efficiency.

b. Hydraulic cylinders for the machine frame movement have safety locking of the mold during the steaming process and avoids the leakage of steam of the expandable polystyrene packing machine.

c. Special hydraulic pressure design: the ejecting cylinder and de-mold cylinder can be running simultaneously, which senses the de-mold gas blowing and product ejection synchronization effectively, reducing running time and improves de-mold capability of the expandable polystyrene moulding machine.

Steam System:(ensure stable and less steam consumption)

a. Fang-Yuan patented PID system made by DN50 actuator makes the sensitive steam pressure control between 0.10-0.15Mpa,+/0.1Mpa tolerance giving us reduced heating time saving around 25%-30% of energy consumption.

b. The expandable polystyrene moulding machine controls the steam pressure by balance valve and pressure sensor instead of electronic connector pressure gauge. The mold pressure of the expandable polystyrene moulding machine can be set by touch screen to make easy and accurate control.

Piping System:

a.For the complete inlet and outlet of water, air and steam, we use big pipeline and vales which are very close to the mold, reducing the excess energy consumption, while improving running speed of the expandable polystyrene moulding machine.

Vacuum System:

a.The EPS automatic moulding machine adopts vertical vacuum system, with 4-6” large drain pipeline and long length of condensation drainpipe. The vacuum tank is equipped with a big spraying system, which sprays the rising hot steam directly, and increases condensation rate. Thus, improving vacuum suction efficiency and achieves vacuum as main cooling instead of main water cooling(normally water cooling will be set only 8-12s). This enables the product of water percentage≤10%,In addition, the spray header of the polystyrene machine ’s replacement and maintenance is very convenient.

Control System:

a. All pressure adjustments of EPS polystyrene machine are remote controlled by the control box, such as cross steaming, Main steaming, Filling also adjusted in touch screen according to different foaming area. The program of the EPS shape moulding machine also has many self-protection and alarm systems.

b. The polystyrene machine   adoptes remote control system for all control pressure parts, electrics parts, valves, gauges and hydraulic parts sourced from famous international brands with quality to ensure the polystyrene molding machine stable and smooth running. 


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