Fangyuan expanded polystyrene eps block machine for building
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Fangyuan expanded polystyrene eps block machine for building

  • SPB200-800DZ DF

Fangyuan expanded polystyrene eps block machine for building

Product Description

The 200-800DZ DF eps block machine is a efficient equipment, this helps to mould more blocks within a short period of time. Available in different specifications and sizes, our eps block machine are sustained and sturdier.

Main Features:

Machine structure:

a. The eps block machine mold is welded onto strong rectangular tubes and steel plates which ensure high strength for the additional safety of the expanded polystyrene block  machine.

b. All block mold frames of the expanded polystyrene block  machine are heat-treated to release the welding stress, so that the frames will not deform. The EPS expanded polystyrene block  machine is sturdy and durable.

c. After heat treatment, all mold frames are processed through sand treatment to keep the rust away, after that under coat and fishing coat are greatly improved, for anticorrosion performance. So that the thermocol moulding machine has long life. 

d. Adopts three German gauges and safety valve for multi-safety protection. The eps block moulding machine will be tested by water pressure and steam (many steps), to ensure the machine is more stable and safe.

Steam system: Three ball valves, compared to one big steam valve control system, saves 20% steam, with ISO-standard butterfly valves, which greatly improves stability and increases the life of eps block machine.

Control System:

a. Adopts PLC(Mitsubishi) and touch screen(Schneider), these make the EPS block moulding machine easy to operate.

b. The EPS  block moulding machine equipped material level sensor to control the filling. The block cooling is controlled by foam pressure sensor. The whole procedure for filling, heating, cooling will be controlled automatically by PLC.


❉ The economical type can be provided, but Germany gauge, foam pressure sensor, ISO-standard butterfly valve, three valves steam system are exclusive.






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