How To Save Cost For EPS Moulding Machine Packaging Factory
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How To Save Cost For EPS Moulding Machine Packaging Factory

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How To Save Cost For EPS Moulding Machine Packaging Factory


1.Cooling water system of EPS moulding machine packaging factory

Separate the cooling water for mould with the water for vacuum. Using a high efficient vacuum system, the machine should mainly rely on vacuum cooling while considering water cooling as subsidiary, which will greatly increase the efficiency.

Adopting high temperature cooling water (50-55 degrees) to cool the eps mould, yet cold cooling water (25-35 degrees) for vacuum spray and vacuum pump. Different  water temperatures will not only increase the service life of mould and vacuum pump, but also improve the cooling speed a lot because vaporized high-temperature water absorbs the heat as well in vacuum environment.

eps mould machine1.jpgeps mould machine2.jpg   eps mould machine2

                       Cooling water tower                                                   Water stablization system

2.High efficient vacuum system

It adopts the theory of central vacuum system that vacuum kept in the pipe constantly. When cooling is required, hot air inside the mould will be sucked out quickly, at the same time the vaporization of the high-temperature water also takes plenty of heat away, which enables the mould to be cooled down speedily. The heat taken by the vaporization of 1KG water is equal to the heat taken by 7KG cooling water of 25 degrees spraying onto the mould.

3.Three separate water pools in combination with primary and secondary cooling towers to control three different water temperatures.

Hot pool: 65-75 degree. Water used for the boiler can be taken from here via filter. It should be cooled by the primary cooling tower then transported to the mould cooling pool.

Mould cooling pool, temperature could be 45-55 degree, used for mould cooling . It is suppose to be delivered to vacuum cooling pool via secondary cooling water tower.

Vacuum cooling pool: temperature is between 25-35 degree used for cooling vacuum tank spray and vacuum pump.

4.You are recommended to use central vacuum system if there are more than 3 EPS moulding machine in your factory.

Central vacuum system gives expression to high economical efficiency for more than 3 EPS moulding machine, power saving at least 40%, and greatly improvement of the production. We recommend one-bye-one connection (modular type) but relatively independent central vacuum system, Every set of central vacuum system could support utmost 15 EPS moulding machine, and every single vacuum system is connected to main pipe, which besides is separated by manual butterfly valves. Therefore the vacuum stays equally in every section, and the plant would not be interrupted as a matter of vacuum problem.

eps mould machine.JPG

              Central vacuum system for EPS moulding machine 

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