How to use the EPS shape moulding machine?
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How to use the EPS shape moulding machine?

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EPS shape moulding machines produce parts that have custom designed specifications like electronic product packaging after the block moulding machines producing large blocks of EPS, and EPS is a rigid porous plastic that can be found in many shapes and applications. It is most commonly used in fish boxes, consumer goods packaging and building insulation boards. So how to use the EPS shape moulding machine? Please allow me to introduce this to you in the following contents.


What is an EPS shape moulding machine?

EPS shape moulding machines produce parts that have custom designed specifications like electronic product packaging after the block moulding machines producing large blocks of EPS that can be cut into shapes or sheets for use in both packaging and construction applications. The main proponents of an EPS shape moulding machine are Process Control Bachmann, PLC Pneumatic Control Festo, Hydraulic Drive Parker, Electrical Component Schneider, Process control Valves Gemü, Electrical Servo Drive Schneider and Gearbox Keb. A reliable EPS shape moulding machine is often equipped with a fast mould change system, proportional control for Steam & Air, De-loading and Stacking robot, Surface treatment mouldings and even electrical drive with knee lever. All of the components mentioned above are installed to achieve rapid movement with gentle movements, optional electric drive for faster movement, and proportionally driven steam and air controls, which are also meant to saves energy and shortens cycle time.

How to operate an EPS shape moulding machine?

So, if you got a nice EPS shape moulding machine how would you operate it? The question is not hard, since this type of machine is mostly automatic, you just need to pay attention to the controlling panel. EPS shape moulding machines are typically controlled by a touch panel and the operator of it can interact with the machine through it, the main job of the operator is to use the panel to correctly input the special mould that is needed to be produced and set the quantities and the detailed index of that production.

What are the precautions of using EPS shape moulding machines?

No matter how good your machine is, you need to keep some precautions in mind in case there is an emergency coming out. So, the first one is: Before starting the machine daily, you must check whether the stroke switch that controls the mould opening and closing is operating normally. The second one is: Always remember to check the power supply, make sure the voltage must not exceed 10% of the rated value, and must not fall below 85% of the rated value. The third one is: When repairing the machine, the power and air supply must be turned off, and signs such as "operations that prohibit others from repairing" must be hung up. The fourth one is: When the machine is working, the safety door must be closed. Do not manually bind the limit switch used to detect the position of the safety door. The fifth one is: During work, be sure to check the air pressure, water pressure, steam pressure and oil pressure. The sixth one is: Regularly check whether the lubricating oil in the lubricator is sufficient, and remove the water in the oil-water separator in time to avoid damage to the pneumatic components.


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