What a high-quality EPS shape moulding machine like?
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What a high-quality EPS shape moulding machine like?

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EPS is a rigid porous plastic that can be found in many shapes and applications. It is most commonly used in fish boxes, consumer goods packaging and building insulation boards. So, how do the tiny plastic beads form into a giant box or even building materials? Well, that is the work done by the EPS shape moulding machine. But, what exactly made a high-quality EPS shape moulding machine? Please allow me to introduce this to you in the following contents.


What is high-quality EPS?

Expandable polystyrene (EPS) is the raw material used in the Plastic production process, it becomes over in blocks or castings after three stages of production, namely the pre-expansion process, which make the beads compact of the raw material convert into cellular plastic beads with small closed cells, EPS blocking process, which make EPS foam beads to become big foam board through steam heating and wind cooling, and EPS cutting process, which cut the complete block of the EPS product into different sizes and shapes through the cutting line. After all three steps, the finished EPS product is produced, but to become a high-quality EPS, the finished product needs to meet with three properties. The first is excellent durability, which means that it can effectively protect a variety of commodities, no loss of strength under humid conditions, and moisture resistance. The second is lightweight, the proportion of air in a high-quality EPS is needed to meet 98%. The last one is insulating, a fine EPS material is highly useful in helping to save energy loss.


What is an EPS shape moulding machine?

As I have mentioned above, it is needed to go through 3 steps to make the finished product of EPS, but there is still some distance to go if you want to make customized EPS products and this is gonna use EPS shape moulding machines. EPS shape moulding machines are functioned to produce parts that have custom-designed specifications like electronic product packaging after the block moulding machines producing large blocks of EPS that can be cut into shapes or sheets for use in both packaging and construction applications. The main proponents of an EPS shape moulding machine are Process Control Bachmann, PLC Pneumatic Control Festo, Hydraulic Drive Parker, Electrical Component Schneider, Process control Valves Gemü, Electrical Servo Drive Schneider and Gearbox Keb. A reliable EPS shape moulding machine is often equipped with a fast mould change system, proportional control for Steam & Air, De-loading and Stacking robot, Surface treatment mouldings and even electrical drive with knee lever. All of the components mentioned above are installed to achieve rapid movement with gentle movements, optional electric drive for faster movement, and proportionally driven steam and air controls, which are also meant to saves energy and shortens cycle time.


What makes a high-quality EPS shape moulding machine?

Gathering all the components up doesn’t mean you have already created a high-quality EPS shape moulding machine, a good EPS shape moulding match need to have several properties, such as a reliable working system, I believe no one wants their expensive machine to break down every time when the production is on the hurry, a quick production cycle, usually a high-quality shape machine should go through a whole cycle in at most 200 seconds, if the ones we are talking about is those energy-saving type of EPS shape moulding machine, then the time limit of the maximum of cycle time is even shorter, as a high-quality energy-saving type EPS shape moulding machine usually only uses 38 to 60 seconds to finish a cycle. It is also important to control the energy consumption of one EPS shape moulding machine in order to make a high-quality EPS shape moulding machine, as it is the essential factor related to cost.


If you are looking for a reliable EPS shape moulding machine to purchase, please make sure you check out the ones in Hangzhou Fangyuan Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd, those nice and high-quality machines are definitely appealing to your unique taste.

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