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1. The explanation of Efficiency and Energy saving

Nowadays, everyEPS molding machine manufacturer talked about energy saving and efficiency comparison, which is much better with actual cycle time and energy consuming in EPS factory. Which also make a big confusion for the buyer’s choice?  

Actually, As you know, Besides Machine-self, There have lots of factors affect the cycle time and energy consumption. we will like to remark the main items as follows:

1, Raw material

2, Aging time,

3, mould design

4, Outer condition, Like water ,steam, Air.

5, Fusion of product

Actually, Based 29 years experience, Normally, The above items is most important than Styrofoam molding machine self even. Therefore, without basic information, the manufacturer comparison data is very limited for reference.

2. How to realize efficiency and Energy saving of machine ?


Supposed same raw material and aging time and mould . Then what should we do for the less consumption and cycle time?  

 1.  Steam , Water and Air Stabilizer is more important. Which ensure stable cycle time and product quality

Because lots of polystyrene molding machines are running at same time in factory, The outside condition, like pressure of steam,air and water is always changeable, Especially The steam and water pressure will effect performance of EPS machiney obviously.  To get qualified product by safety way, Usually  we will put more extra time for pressure vibration. Otherwise the rejection rate of product will be increasing. Therefore, As for Machine-self , it is very necessary to keep stabilizer system for water and steam. And monitor system for compressed air.


2. Accurate steam ensure less steam consumption and short cycle time. (Steam is more important process for product)

We should give product exact steaming for qualified fusion. More or less steam will effect the product quality and steam consuming.

To ensure qualified fusion, without accurate and sensitive steam control system, We have to put more extra steam for better fusion. And Those extra steam actually is extra steam consumption.

In addition, accurate system of the EPS shape molding machine also will obviously effect the cycle time.

Since 1°C higher temperature for EPS product,  It took 4-5 s more for cooling.


3. Use vacuum cooling for less steam consumption of mould-self

If use water cooling as main, lots of cold water are used, Completely drop mould and products cooling down. The temperature of mould is around 40-50°C for mould-self. 

If use vacuum cooling as main, owing to less water spray,  The temperature of mould-self is around 70-80°C.

Then as for next cycle, the EPS shape molding machine will spend more time of steam to heat mould-self and the remaining water into higher temperature, It will take much   steam and cycle time.

As test, One 150mm height , 800g weight ,TV package product, The steam difference is 1.5 kg/cycle


4.Less cycle time mainly got from the following four main process:


A. Hydraulic movement.

Hydraulic movement time of the EPS molding machine is fixed, Which will be directly affect every cycle.


B. Material filling.

Filling of material is important stage, Normal filling mode is good for filling, But it will take 4-12 s for different products, 

High-pressure can get less cycle time. Normally, it is 2-3 s, But usually it cannot get good filling. Especially for difficult shape and more cavities product.

Therefore, Multi- filling mode and filling pressure adjustment are required for less filling time and properly filling.


C. Steam process

Lots of EPS machinery manufacturer enlarge big pipe size or put more steam valves for less cycle time. Yes, it is good idea to save steam time from 20s to 10 s around.

But obviously, The big steam valve without accurate control (100% open or close) , The steam consumption is too much high,  Meanwhile , the product cannot got accurate steam rate. It will also effect the cooling time.

Therefore, Big flow with accurate control are required for less steaming time.


D. Cooling performance.

As Vacuum cooling as main, we need more strong and efficiency vacuum system. Based on high condensate rate and strong vacuum suction capacity.

a Vacuum suction capacity depend on the specification of vacuum pump.

b, High condensate rate is important, Which will depend on Design of vacuum tank with water spray. Strong and efficiency vacuum are required for less cycle time.


Based on these above items, The solution comparison of above points are real core technology , Instead of beautiful data and photos. Which will really decide the energy consumption and efficiency of different shape molding machine.

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