EPP Material Introduction
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EPP Material Introduction

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       Expanded Polypropylene Material is a highly crystalline polymer/gas composite with excellent performance.  With the progress of production technology, according to different uses, different methods can be used to obtain different density and pore size of EPP materials, generally all closed-cell foam material, which have excellent performance of seismic absorption and heat insulation, deformation after the high response rate, environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, with good heat resistance, chemical resistance and oil resistance and degradability.


● EPP product characteristics                                   ● Excellent heat resistance

● Good dimensional stability                                   ● Light weight

● Excellent cushioning performance                        ● Good low temperature characteristics

● Large range of foaming times                               ● Thermal insulation buoyancy

● Excellent oil and chemical resistance                    ● Non-toxic

● High energy absorption                                        ● Environmental protcetion

● Long lasting

Applications of EPP Products:

Packing Materials:


                     Insulated Box                     EPP Unmanned aircrafet crates                        Packing box                                  Tool box

Automobile Parts:


               Car bumper cushion                              Spire tire wheel well                                       Tail Gate                                          Under Cover

Electronic Field:


                LCD screen tray                                                 Cushing Packaging                                                 LCD screen tray


Civil Field:


                      Airplane model                                EPP block                                         EPP surfboard                                          EPP Helmet

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