SPZ-FP Series Automatic expanded polypropylene Moulding Machine
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SPZ-FP Series Automatic expanded polypropylene Moulding Machine

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SPZ1270FP Automatic expanded polypropylene Molding Machine

Product Description

Product Description

Main Features:

1.The EPP automatic moulding machine is PLC controlled, and its touch-sensing visible MMI allows easy setting and selection for time and process parameters according to requirements of various products.

2.The EPP polystyrene moulding machine adopts pressure heating control mode, this heating system has supple mentary balance valve control, which can regulate steam pressure atoutlet of steam valve effectively, and enables control to realize different outlet pressures at different heating stages through a specific way, so as toin crease stability of products. It can be adjusted by the user according to his/her demand.

3.The EPP polystyrene moulding machine is driven by a hydraulic system, with differential circuit, stable operation.

4.The EPP shape moulding machine has a pressure feeding system, and the user can choose pressure feedingmode based on process to realize more sufficient material feeding into the mold, so as to reduce defective products caused by in sufficient material feeding.

5.Steam,compressed air, cooling water and vacuum blow-off lines are located above orbelow the machine for easy maintenance, with different color for each line. Of which, the compressed air line is the rectangular pipe above the platen, with same color as the automatic moulding machine with vacuum machine generally.

6.Distance between the movable mold and fixed mold is detected with rotary encoder, and the distance is converted into digitals and shown on the touch screen directly.Feeding interval and other locations of the machine can be adjusted by only adjusting relevant values on the touch screen.

7.The system of EPS automatic shape moulding machine has a complete set of fault detection functions. For example: machine safety, overload of motor, and so on, and trouble shooting methods are available online.

8.The automatic moulding machine with vacuum has multiple safety protection devices:

A.Motor overload is protected with thermal relays.

B.Closing of safety door is protected with proximity switch.

C.In case of motor failure, the computer shuts down automatically, and the alarm light is lit up.

D.The heating system is controlled with multiple sensors, which can control heating Accurately.

  SPZ1270FP automatic moulding machine

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