EPS Application- Decoration And Coating
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EPS Application- Decoration And Coating

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EPS decoration /coating is mainly used in door pocket, window pokect, corners line, blet line and portico parts of villa, Hotel and business street building. It was updated from traditional GRC component epoch-making product. In 80s , started and widely used in Europe and Amercia markets. Normally, Installed in window quadrilateral, door edges, hall column, corner line and wall with variety types (like corners line, Roman column, insulation panel, floral parts etc); In addition, EPS decoration coating not only can be painting different color and pattern in the surface, but also can be made into artificial stone culture effect, made the bulding facade more beautiful, as well as bring a new idea and unique creativity for architectural designers.

 Seilling board.JPG  celling board 3.JPG DSC04990.JPG

EPS decoration/coating is component with B2 class fire-proof EPS panel for main part, and alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth paste in middle parts as reinforcement material and polymer mortar protection layer, outer layer is made of inorganic anti aging of polymer emulsion, operated by mechanical automation technology molding compound. It can painting different patterns in surface after stable coating.



Easy for building is the important advantages of EPS decoration coating. No need of embedded part, riveting firmware, adopts special bonding mortar is stuck on the based wall directly. With light in weight, uniform shapes, smooth lines, beautiful surface, freely cutting and splicing, easy installation (adhesive bonding mortar), greatly reduced installation time and cost.

EPS decoration with fire-proof, not affected by temperature, wet climate and acid rain changes, cold-resistant, heat-resisting; with impact resistance, high strength, excellent water resistant property, good toughness; does not emit toxic substances, it is an environmental, high quality products.

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