How to use the EPS pre-expander machine correctly?
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How to use the EPS pre-expander machine correctly?

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EPS with the full name Expanded polystyrene is a rigid porous plastic that can be found in many shapes and applications. It is most commonly used in fish boxes, consumer goods packaging and building insulation boards. To make high-quality EPS you need to do a pre-expansion, in this process, the EPS beads are sent to a pre-expander equipped with a stirrer and controlled steam and air supply. The combination of these two conditions causes the volume of EPS beads to expand. The diameter of the particles increases, while the density of the resin decreases. So, how to correctly operate an EPS pre-expander machine? Please allow me to introduce to you the contents below.


What is the EPS pre-expander machine?

Generally speaking, an EPS pre-expander machine is a certain kind of machine that makes sure the production line constantly get high-quality material and a steady repetitiveness of the production with reduced cycle times. The EPS pre-expander machine can also give the products(EPS) a minimum residual humidity, therefore ensure the quality of the products and the high effectiveness of the production. Another thing about an EPS pre-expander machine is that it can ensure the production line achieve availability to a broad range of densities. A high-quality EPS pre-expander are also equipped with Intelligent density control system that enables it to get timely density report and to automatically adjust parameters according to density tolerance, a closed expansion chamber and a pressure sensor control technology to realize stable foaming pressure, and an electronic weighing device attaches to the expansion chamber to realize real-time measurement and control.

How to operate an EPS pre-expander machine?

As mentioned above, the working principle of EPS pre-expander machine is to expand a fixed amount of raw materials to a fixed volume to achieve the required density. It sounds pretty easy but actually, there are multiple steps of the working process, so there is a need to know how to operate it well. EPS pre-expander machines are typically controlled by a full-colour touch panel. Since EPS pre-expander are mostly fully automatic, the operator of it does not need to do too much interaction with it, the main job of the operator is to use the display to correctly change process parameters, so that the recipes can be correctly added, changed or saved in the PLC.


What are the precautions of using EPS pre-expander machines?

Even though a fine EPS pre-expander is automatic and reliable, there are still precautions that are needed to keep in mind. Firstly, in the case of a sudden power failure, the EPS pre-expander will automatically close the steam valve, open the material door and compressed the air valve to cool it, so that it can prevent the foam material in the barrel from condensing into agglomerates. If you want to discharge the raw materials in the barrel, you can use a blower or compressed air to blow out the foam material in the barrel, and then separate them according to the actual situation of the foam material. Secondly, when the machine needs to enter the barrel for maintenance, it is necessary to cut off the main power supply and set up a dedicated person to monitor it. After the maintenance is completed, please strictly check the remaining tools and parts in the barrel. Otherwise, the ventilation plate and rotating bracket at the bottom of the barrel will be damaged. Thirdly, in the production process of the machine, please strictly prevent the foreign matter mixed in the EPS material from entering the foaming barrel to avoid damaging the bottom ventilation plate. Fourthly, in the production process, the machine operator must pay attention to the sensitivity and reliability of the electric contact pressure gauge. If a problem is found, the electric contact pressure gauge must be repaired or replaced in time to ensure the normal and stable production of the machine. Last but not least, when inspecting and maintaining the machine, remember to turn off the power to avoid personal accidents.


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