Other application fields of EPS products
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Other application fields of EPS products

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 EPS foam products have wide application fields in heat insulation, food and Electronics packaging and building decorates terms and so on, considering the local situation in Angola, expect construction insulation board, we have some EPS moulding machines for clients to produce the high quality EPS. We need high quality Styrofoam molding machine to produce high quality foam to meet the following requirements.


  -----Fish Box (recommend): Considering Angola is located in the west African coast, near the Atlantic ocean, fishery industry resources, the long coastline have many fishing grounds, so it has a large market using EPS fish box, (the same as the polystyrene molding machine )which except convenient transportation, and also have insulation insulated effect, put ice cubes into fish box can keep the fish fresh in a long transport process. Therefore, at present the fishery grounds basic adopt EPS fish box for keeping fresh and transport in the world.  fish box is widely application in Africa, Egypt, Libya, Algeria , Tunisia, Kenya, TanzaniaRwanda and south Africa etc. Comparison with the plastic fish box, EPS fish box has a light weight and low cost, environmental protection, etc.

So if you put your eyes on the EPS shape molding machine, there's a lot of space.

      EPS packaging.jpg           48.jpg 

     ----(Vegetable box and fruit box): At present, famers’ markets most adopt EPS box for packing vegetables and fruits to keep fresh, reserve and transport in the world. If Angola ‘s agriculture is more developed , variety farm products more rich, it will consider producing EPS vegetable box and fruid box supply for the market.

     If you run a factory near here and have some high-quality EPS molding machines, the profits will be substantial.

 38.jpg DSC00625.JPG

 ---- Electronics packaging: It is main Including TV, air conditioning, refrigerator and other types of electronics packaging and so on, just after war and re-construction in Angola, home appliances market should have huge demand and supply, there are some famous electronics manufacturer should have investment factory in Angola, such as LG, SONY, SAMSUNG to produce the EPS. The shape molding machine will bring them huge benefit. 

     001.jpg          37.jpg

Insulated Concrete Form: 

----ICF system (Insulated Concrete Form): ICF building original was designed in Canada and popular in Europe and America.  At present, it is booming in Middle East, ICF is a kind of insulated building structure. Which is the more popular in developed country and hi-tech building market? There are so many advantages in ICF. Especially the heat insulation, sound insulation's effect is much better than Common insulation board, and it is easy to build. 

The manufacturing of ICF also requires automatic shape molding machine to complete. Our EPS molding machine can produce high quality ICF for you.

      EPS-ICF-BLOCK          46.jpg

  -----Roof board system: cooperate using with outer insulation board and ICF system ,  this kind of insulated building is environmental efficient with good insulation effective.  

   99531_wgomaz_m.jpg        TURKEY-FLOOR BLOCK300X600X600mm.jpg

Building decoration:

celling board decoration 


Angle line decoration:


Note: if making these products above, it only needs add one shape moulding machine and different mould on basic quotation project at present. 

EPS panel:

----Steel sandwich panel: galvanized steel with EPS board, which is building all kinds of plants and movable house, at present, it basic adopts the steel panel for building in the domestic and abroad, the building costs is low and short periods generally 6 meters in length. Based on this situation, the polystyrene molding machine is also very important and scarce.


----3D panel: EPS board with mesh after coated with cement on both side, heat insulation and easy to install. the disadvantge is the height restricted, general the length is 3 metres. strength not high , there are only using in some countries.  


Note: if making this two kinds of panels, it will adjust the block moulding machine ‘s size in quotation, block length increase 36meters, also increase other auxiliary equipment besides the EPS molding machine , in addition, increase the sandwich production line.

     Other block application(recommend): common cutting machine only can cut the rectangel blocks and sheets, but it could not cut other in special application, such as wave shape, groove shape and column decoration. It needs CNC cutting machine to cut the round shape, cove shape and 3D shape.  


Note: if cut the special shape products, besides the shape molding machine, it needs increase a CNC cutting machine on basic quotation project.

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