SPC200-600G Continuous 3-Direction Cutting Machine(Fast cutting)
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SPC200-600G Continuous 3-Direction Cutting Machine(Fast cutting)

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SPC200-600G Continuous Cutting Machine

Product Description

Production Description

The SPC200-600G continuous-3-direction-cutting-machine is one of our the most popular cutting machine. It has high quality and efficiency. The continuous-3-direction-cutting-machine will realize quick and precise cutting for your EPS blocks.

Main Features:

The thermocol continuous cutting machine adopts PLC and touch screen control. All work steps are controlled by photo sensor and the process is automatic. The automatic thermocol continuous cutting machine will reduce manpower and material resources for you.

The continuous cutting machine with five working steps; 5 blocks can be put on the cutting line and at the same time 3 blocks will cut thickness, length, width cutting simultaneously, This continuous operation allows the capacity to be increased 100%. The continuous cutting machine is fast cutting.

We set several clamping devices for the EPS block cutting machine to improve the cutting accuracy.

The EPS block cutting machine adopts aluminum alloy and aluminum profile for main frame with high strength. The block will be moved by chain transfer. It uses high strength engineering plastic for chain support. Which keep the thermocol continuous cutting machine more accurate and running for a longer time.

Stretch wrap machine is optional. It will be put at the end of the thermocol cutting machine. It packs the EPS products after cutting to make transportation easy.




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