What are the technical advantages of the EPS pre-expander machine?
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What are the technical advantages of the EPS pre-expander machine?

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The EPS pre-expander is an automatic EPS machine and is used for expanding polystyrene beads (EPS) and it guarantees the superior performance of the EPS over time and the maximum quality in the EPS processing phase. Generally speaking, a highly efficient and high-quality EPS pre-expander is a fully automatic and reliable machine and it forms the basis of the further processing of expandable polystyrene (EPS).


Here is the content list:

l lWhat is an EPS pre-expander?

l lWhat are the types of EPS pre-expander machines?

l lWhat are the technical advantages of the EPS pre-expander machine?


What is the EPS pre-expander?

Generally speaking, an EPS pre-expander machine is a certain kind of machine that makes sure the production line constantly get high-quality material and a steady repetitiveness of the production with reduced cycle times. The EPS pre-expander machine can also give the products(EPS) a minimum residual humidity, therefore ensure the quality of the products and the high effectiveness of the production. Another thing about an EPS pre-expander machine is that it can ensure the production line achieve availability to a broad range of densities. A high-quality EPS pre-expander are also equipped with Intelligent density control system that enables it to get timely density report and to automatically adjust parameters according to density tolerance, a closed expansion chamber and a pressure sensor control technology to realize stable foaming pressure, and an electronic weighing device attaches to the expansion chamber to realize real-time measurement and control.

What are the types of EPS pre-expander machines?

There are two types of EPS pre-expander machine that are used most often, which were continuous pre-expander machine and batch pre-expander machine. The main difference is that continuous EPS pre-expander machines expand polystyrene through continuous cycle operations and that batch EPS pre-expanders are performed in batches. Another difference is that continuous EPS pre-expander machines are allowed to achieve bead densities between 40g/litre and 15g/litre in the first expansion, but this kind of machines can also be integrated with the second expansion unit to achieve lower densities up to 10g/litre. The batch pre-expanders are specially designed to sacrifice continuity to obtain maximum uniformity and a wide range of material density, therefore in the first expansion, densities level are allowed to be between 100g/litre and 12g/litre. Also, the batch EPS pre-expanders can be integrated with a second expansion unit to achieve lower densities up to 8g/l.

What are the technical advantages of the EPS pre-expander machine?

The technical advantages of EPS pre-expander machine are various, for example, a reliable EPS pre-expander using PLC programmable controller and touch screen control, automatic electronic metering, automatic feeding, automatic temperature and pressure control of the barrel body, automatic induction material, all those devices are equipped inside of it to ensure the machine automatic cycle production. Secondly, EPS pre-expander machine is equipped with an electronic weighing system, photoelectric material level control system, so that the error levels of a correct grasp of the foaming material density and the uniform density of beads are all less than 3%. Another advantage that an EPS pre-expander have is that it has a barrel that adopts a fluidized bed dryer, which automatically pre-discharges after fluidization, drying, ball crushing, and automatic screening, and achieves the function of automatic material conveying fan in the solidification bin.


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