EPS application- Roof insulation
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EPS application- Roof insulation

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EPS has been widely applied for the building constructions in many different countries. Also there are different types of application for both external insualtion and roof insualtion such as I.C.F, 3D wire mesh panel and Roof Panel.

Here, we would like introduce the roof system with EPS as below.

Regrading on EPS Roof panel, using the EPS for the roof is not only for the sound protection but also heat proof and buffer.

The biggest advantage is that it also decrease the whole building weight by using the EPS roof panel, therefore, it can be save the steel consumption up to 25%.

1)      Roof panel: This product size is 500*250*400mm made by shape molding machine with mold, it connect to each other one by one as its shows on the picture.

        IMG_1138          insulation

2)      C panel: Insert C type steel into the foam directly. Different sizes are available according to the customer requirement as long as its length; it will be use in steel sturcture house.


3)      Iran roof panel: Normally, It is famous system in Iran and Middle-east for the roof; therefore, we named Iran Roof Panel. How to make this product is form the EPS block, use the CNC cutting machine to cut the shape of particular roof panel design for installation, this kind of structure has a big output and convenient installation.

         DSC03777      DSC03780

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